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Daily Experiences of Latinos/Hispanics in North Carolina

August 30, 2012

Ser latina en Carolina del Norte puede ser a veces confuso

It is my opinion that being a Latina in North Carolina can be sometimes confusing. Maybe, because I find myself swimming in a sea of uncertainty as to social acceptance. As a Puerto Rican American of brown skin, people recognizes my ethnicity immediately. And at times may treat me in that way. They have no question other than am I Mexican or Puerto Rican? Some, question my education, economic status, and even my intelligence. 


In an effort to purchase a new cellular telephone at a major store in Apex, I was approached by a salesperson offering her assistance.  It may sound as a courteous effort from the sales person but it did not feel like that. The sales person took me by the arm leading me towards the cells area.   In a laud and slowly speaking voice, she asked: “Can I help you?”  Yes, I answered.  I also explained that I am very fluent in English.  With some relief in her voice, she exclaimed: “Oh, that’s good!”   She went on to tell me that there were a few cellular telephones on sales.  (Was I looking for a sale item).  She went on to stated that she was certain I did not need a cell with too many applications.  (How did she know?)  She continued, “It may be too complicated for you”.   (How did she know? I have two Masters and very knowledgeable with modern technology).  She went on to say, there was a very simple cell and easy to use etc... I looked at her and wondered if she thought I was illiterate or just stupid and unable to learn.   To the sales person’s surprised, I asked and purchased the latest available iPhone. After completing my purchase and as I was leaving the store in a confused state of mind, the security guard checked my bag and said; “Hasta luego!”

So, I ask, was this a good customer service experience for me?  Do you think this store deserved my $429.00?