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A bad experience in the DMV

September 17, 2012

Experienced a bad experience  in the DMV

I have been in the U.S. for thirty years.  I have my papers and I am an ESL teacher and volunteer helping everyone in my community.  I was born in Santo Domingo.   I would like to share this experience with your readers.

By Antonia T.R.

Last year I went to register my car.  While on line I started talking to a very nice lady who was Anglo and had just returned from vacation in Mexico.  She assumed I was Mexican and that was okay since I had visited Mexico a couple of years back and loved it.  While on line she mentioned that the line was slow and all she wanted to do was to register her car.  I stated that was what I needed to do.

She got to the window and gave her items and quickly got her registration.  When it was my turn, the clerk asked for my license, I asked what for.  She said in a very rude voice, because in order to register my car I had to have a license.  I asked if that was the case why not asked the lady before me.  She said because she did not have to.  I asked to see the manager and instead she called security.  I explained it to the security guard and he said that to solve thing fast, I should present my license to the clerk.  I decided to do just that for I realized that I was not going to get my car registered otherwise.

However, afterwards I did not leave the DMV.  I stayed there watching and noticed that the only persons that were asked for a license when registering their cars were the Latinos or those who looked Latinos.  As I left the DMV a man came over and stated that if I wanted to file a complaint that he would be my witness. 

I felt real bad.   But I also felt good.  The lady I met on line was very nice, the man that came up to me was also a gentleman, but the lady clerk was rude.  Was she acting on her own or just following directions?

I came to the conclusion that for every two person who are kind and friendly, we find one that expresses their prejudice by being rude.  “Rudeness” must be the accepted behavior to express hate towards others.