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March 10, 2011

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March 22, 2011

Average Net Circulation: 21,000 (Print Edition)
Format / Dimensions: Tabloid / 11" x 11.75"
Average Page Count: 48/56
Circulation Cycle: Weekly
Circulation Day / Time: Wednesday / by 10 PM
Ownership: Velásquez Communication Corporation
Year Established: 1995
Publication Type: Hispanic Publication
Content: 50% Advertising / 50% Editorial
Primary Delivery Methods: 100% Controlled Bulk
Page views: 25,000 – 35,000/week
Unique visitors: 9,000–10,000/week


We distribute 84,000 copies every month.

We have more than 336,000 monthly readers.

We have distributions points in more than 20 counties in North Carolina.

We are the most trusted Spanish Language Newspaper in the area.

We have been serving our community for over 16 years

February 28, 2013


2012 Outstanding Spanish
Language Newspaper

National Hispanic Association of Hispanic Publications

Premio José Marty 2011

Gold award

Silver award

Bronze award

Bronze award

Premio Diamante 2011
Categoría de Negocios

2010 Outstanding Multiple
Article Series & Community Services/Health Article

2005 Pinnacle Business Award
Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

2005 Gold Outstanding Editorial Column
National Hispanic Association of Hispanic Publications

March 14, 2011

First edition - December 1995

La Conexión's first edition was published on Dec 1 1995

La Conexión is the first Spanish language Newspaper in central North Carolina. It began at a time of great demographic change in the state which coincided with the foundation of many efforts on several fronts to address the influx of Spanish speaking residents to the state. The first issue was published on December 1st of 1995.

In March of 2001, La Conexión began printing on a weekly basis. Currently, the paper puts out twenty one thousand copies every Wednesday which are delivered in roughly a seventy mile radius of Raleigh.

Today, La Conexión is the more recognized Hispanic Newspaper  in North Carolina.  La Conexión has organized and sponsored a myriad of events since its foundation. These have included many soccer tournaments, fiestas, festivals, forums, meetings, a beauty pageant, and even a talent contest.

I hope you will give our platform an opportunity to convey your organization’s message. On behalf of the entire La Conexión team I pledge that we will make every effort to make sure your experience is one of the best ones of your business life.

Ricardo Velásquez

August 12, 2011

Over the years La Conexión has brought together a team of professionals who are commited to serve, inform, and connect the latino community in the United States. We believe in the importance of the roll that our newspaper plays in educating and helping our community.

Parados de izq. Vicente, Daniela, Francia, Elizabeth, Ricardo, Elsa, Mario y José. Sentadas de izq. a der. Adriana, Laura, Paola y María- aux/Foto Gustavo de los Ríos

March 14, 2011

At Atlantic Family Dental we are happy we are advertising with La Conexión. We chose to use La Conexión to promote our discounted dental pricing. La Conexión is the most reasonably priced Spanish advertising company out there, and yields the same number of customers as the more expensive companies. We see 10-18 new patients monthly only from La Conexión. I highly recommend them!

Robert Eisberg, DDS